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Nothing can stop us now.

My birthday was Wednesday.

Monday, a coworker of mine shook my hand with a bill folded inside and told me to buy myself a dress. After I got off my train downtown, I ran into a pretty sweet man who paid me a lot of compliments. It was a great start for my birthday! Ash and I met up around our old spot and headed off for the northside to go to the Chicago Diner. I knew the only way I'd ever get him to go to a vegan restaraunt in Boystown was if it was my birthday or the night before I moved out of Chicago... and obviously, I'm still here. The tables completely turned: I ordered a big dinner, and he made a meal out of potatos. It was hilarious. I felt kind of bad, but I had a really good time and I really, really am thrilled to pieces that he at least tried a few slivers of vegan meat and cake.

There is a phantom package that my mom ordered for my birthday. It's yet to arrive. I don't think she has ever mail-ordered something for me before. She rarely shops for me at all, for anything. The best part about this is, from what I understand by her hints, she's not even completely sure what she ordered! I'm as excited to open it as I am excited to see her reaction to this thing. I got a few checks and twenties packed into cards from astranged relatives. Beggars can't be chosers, but I almost really don't like getting those cards. Almost. Ash made me a card, and bought me something pretty special. That and my dress are the only real things I've gotten thusfar. One person called me. My best friend forgot. There was no sign of anything Mest-related. It had some really strange points, but it was a pretty nice day. Any fun that was lagging behind will be made up for October 27th... ♥

And on that note... you guys thought it was weird that I wanted to follow Family Values? Yeah well, in November I'll be following around Papa Roach like a lost puppy. You know why... I fucking love those babes.


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