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All those things that you hide...

I'm pretty long over due for a public entry, yes? What have you missed..... Well, since October...

glitter, glitter, glitter!!!

Since this is more than likely my last Christmas in the city, I've been trying to hit all of the little festival things going down. I've seen more fireworks in the past month than I think I've seen in the past 5 years.

I've been dealing with Chicago drama a lot better lately. People come and go so quickly here! (place the quote, win a cookie!) I truely am closing in on the days when I say good-bye. PETA wants me to intern now.

I got a new car and a new computer.

I've seriously been house shopping. Please please please, Blue Island here I come!! Kenwood/Hyde Park has also been in the talks, but I can't fathom ever having a REAL purpose of taking South Chicago trains every day! ha.

I've extremely on and off been dating someone completely amazing, a little too amazing if you ask me...

I came to the conclusion that my coworker Stacy is completely amazing and I don't know how I could have kept living in this city working this job all this time without her. She is the Britney to my Paris, or the Robin to my Batman (literally).

I spent Thanksgiving with her family (will be Christmas, too) and they told me they'd gladly take me in their family as long as I keep bringing cookies. What a great deal!

Metra men are ridiculous. Stop talking about me!! You don't know me!!! (Eh, Krista!)

However, recently there was a... situation in a Metra station. Gun man, hostages, victims, the entire block shut down for the whole nine yards. This is about the third time that something like this has happened since I started working in the loop in July. It hit too close to home to have one of my best friends involved in this, and though in the end it turned out to have truely nothing to do with Metra it fucking shook me up. I couldn't stop thinking of him, and how he's told me before, "You've always got to be looking out around here. You never know when someone could just be outside shooting for fun. That's why you have to live every day like it's your last." "Stop! You're making me nervous," I told him. "Why?" "Because you just are. I don't want to hear it, so stop." But I kept hearing it over and over again Friday night..... the whole speech, what everyone has told me about where I ride through on my trains, and I thought of everyone but myself and how my whole love for downtown can be taken away in a flash. So it's felt extremely good to have seen all of my favorite men lately. Saturday night I didn't want him to let me go.

I've found this customer who just might be the most amazing man to have ever come by the restaurant, ever. Every time I see him walking up, I think to myself "Here comes Gene!" not because he looks anything like Gene Louis, but because he has the hugest fucking attitude and damn is he hilarious. He's incredibly off beat and quirky, and in spite of the massive lacking of heart tattoos I think I like him more because unlike Gene he says I'm the best and he loves me! If I find out he works in the bulding, I have to ask him to be my date to the Christmas party! Damn I already have so many people asking me to dance. I won't sit down all night! I'm only going on the condition of lots of free booze. This will be a fun train ride home!!! :x

The State of Illinois building Christmas party is this Thursday. My company party is hopefully Friday. I pulled my boss' name in the grab bag. Stacy pulled my name and I know this because [in her own words] she couldn't keep a secret if it were water and her name was camel. I've never done anything like this for Christmas, it's exciting! I cannot decide if I want to wear a purple dress with red fishnets or a short-sleeved green top with a long-sleeved red lace top under it with a leopard mini skirt. In addition to everything else that is so par-for-the-course at this point, it's nice that THIS has been what's on my mind more than anything else all week. Well, not quite more than how I am going to St. Louis this weekend!!!! My fucking trinity, a brand new friend, my vegan boys, my future husband helllllll yeaaaaaah. ♥


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