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You can find me in...

St. Louis is no longer on my shit list, though I'll admit it had no real reason to be there in the first place.

And with that said! I came back from a weekend trip to the lou earlier today.

While I try to use my cookies for good and not naughtyness, I love that all of a sudden someone sure does flirt with me quiet a bit.

I stayed up all through Friday night baking snow men and chocolate chunk cookies. I absolutely loved hearing Patrick pick up a cookie and exclaim, "This one has a blue scarf!" Pretty much no two were alike -- hand frosted with all different details -- and I was so excited to deliver about five dozen cookies to my favorite vegan boys. They really appreciated it! I know they did. It's such a sweet change of pace to hang out with a St. Louis band who loves my cookies and is nice to me! HA.

I forgot how much fun it was to travel to a new city to meet someone for the first time.

Ever since Seattle, I have [missed Adair and] been really eager to sight see when I am out of town. Sabrina took me to the Arch. They take you up in tiny fucking space capsles, I swear. No windows, barely 3 feet wide... crazy shit, not to mention the cars rock and you are going up on an angle. It was amazing, though. St. Louis is great city, I know, and I barely saw any of it. I just had such a great trip.

I truely, truely love Adair and someone [else] was saying to me recently it's a lot easier to be friends with someone when you don't like their music. It's true. Holy shit, though, do I love I Buried My Heart In Cosmo Park. I love how, when we were hanging out, Rob turned to Jeff to find out where in the set they were playing it and I told Rob, completely talking out of my ass, they should play it third. Sure enough, they listened. It was hilarious; I had just got done telling Sabrina no body says no to me...... "Anything for you," he told me. ♥

Kiss under the mistletoe. He is just about my favorite vegan man ever.

I have so much more I could say. It was such a fun trip. If anyone wants to see more photos, comment [all comments are screened.] and I may update or edit during the week!


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