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Your eyes are electric tonight.

My year is complete when we hit Christmastown. It's the only thing we still do today that we did 4 years ago, where nothing has changed and no one has ever interupted. [except over the phone, but I'll stop griping about that now.] Every year I buy us chocolate covered gingerbread hearts and buy myself an ornament, though this year I have no tree I could not pass up a glittery leopard print ornament.

I baked about 4 dozen cookies and delivered them to my favorite Metra men. I am starting to handle being the foundation for everyone's gossip a lot easier now. I need to buy more mistletoe before my train home tomorrow... ;)

Kids scamming downtown should not fuck with me. I don't care if you're twice my size, I will call you out and when you flip out on me calling me a bitch do not be surprised when you make no money that day. You are fucking chicken shit scammers that I have watched work for years and I have seen these kids run from being arrested before (WHY RUN IF YOU ARE ONLY 'FUNDRAISING'?!) You give the rest of us honest leafletters a bad rep. So don't mess. Don't mess.

This year has of course been rocky as shit with probably more lows than highs, but I swear the best part of my year has been getting hired. I don't think my boss understands the chance he took hiring me when no one else would, and how down and desperate I was for a job. Not to mention, I would be without my new best friend, my first real best friend in the city... She has been the best part of my year. However. I actually haven't gone to work the past two days because I've been painfully weak. It's the effect of something that I know is my fault, but I really crashed hard and could barely get out of bed. If I rest through the weekend I should be okay for a few more months, when I'll definitely be out of commision for a week again.

This isn't my end of the year entry, though, so I'll end it here. Have a good weekend! ♥


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