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Its come to my attention that I have yet to write a public entry this year. Does anyone feel like commenting to keep in touch?

PETA2 asked me to table with them at Taste of Chaos in Chicago, and I might go to Milwaukee, too. For some reason, I am very nervous. Last year was a struggle, and if anyone punches me again I won't have Rob or the rest of Adair to back me up... Also on that note, a new job is on the way. I just fell madly in love with one of my weekly regulars, though. I call him Gene because he has an attitude bigger than the Great Wall of China. I do know his name, though. Our chats are the absolute high point of my work days, and I will miss him dearly if I can't drag him to my new job. I will miss all of my regular men, from the guy that burned me a cd to the guy that calls me Cyndi Lauper (and all the ones that say I look like Christina Aguilera) to the big solid muscle guy who makes me giggle nonstop.

Something I've wanted since I was very small was to be popular, to know everyone, but honest to God talking to everyone that I meet downtown seems to really have only hurt me badly. I don't understand how grown men can lie straight through their fucking teeth about a little girl who just tries to be nice and fucking bakes cookies. I baked them cookies. Why are you goossiping about me...? Metra breaks my spirit sometimes.

Somewhat on that note-- attn married men: STAY AWAY! What am I, some kind of fucking magnet?! There is a relationship that I am trying to make work. As much as I just don't, I think I really want to attach myself to something/someone positive and stay out of trouble.

There's been a God awful blizzard going on. There is a foot of snow on the ground, and I own no boots. My train stalled on the tracks for about half an hour, but at least it's no where near as bad as South Chicago trains in the rain that slide through open intersections. My parents offered to just pay me what I make in a day if I stay home from work tomorrow, but you might as well ask me to not see Mest on my birthday (okay, not the best example anymore). I am about to run downstairs and bake some heart and kiss shaped cookies and brownies drowned in rum.

I actually had planned on going to see a friend's band tonight. He was going to be my valentine, and I thought it was funny we both coincedentally dressed up for each other. The show ended up getting cancelled at the last minute, and I ended up compensating by sucking down a soy almond latte (long live Seattle) and shopping. Downtown walking down the streets, so beautiful.... I bought/made this:

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and it is bound to be a hot mess. I can feel it in my bones. From someone who told me they cared about me more than anyone else turning their back on me, to me fucking punching my man over the weekend, whatever happens tomorrow night will be a last minute plan. In spite of some bitches, though, it is my favorite holiday, and I will try to make it a good one. This heartlock really makes me feel so good...


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