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Congratulations to me and my two years on being vegan. I've been vegetarian, loosely, for over 10 years, but the past two years have been amazing considering all that I have changed and accomplished and decided about my future and my career and I really rock at run on sentences. Its pretty much two years to the day, and just like last year I am about to go out on the Taste of Chaos for a few days. I'm also pretty sure I'm going to be a finalist in another peta2 contest-- I'll keep you posted.

Welcome to the world, Marian Zaire Orange. My best friend had her second baby March 1st. Coming from someone who is not a fan of anything younger than me, I love this baby! I'm going to spoil her rotten...

I got a new job, and I start next week. They hired me before I even finished the application, it was amazing. Its going to change so much in my life. I've been going through everything without two of my oldest best friends, but those bitches cut me off and fuck them. I am tired of getting on trains to God knows where to see someone who won't even fucking call me. Fuck you both, it is your loss. Neither of them even pay attention to this, so anything I say doesn't matter anyway. I'm just angry to the core about being taken for granted, and I could rant about it for paragraphs. Only then I would be overshadowing that I've gaining a new extended family and I'm getting sooo much closer to beautiful Norfolk...


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